People Come And People Go

People Come

In my previous post, I hinted at two points that I’ll discuss in a later post. One thing of note is that I have a new roommate in the form of Ana Flor (she just recently corrected me in the space between the Ana and the Flor) and the departure of my cousin Gabriel which made me realize that people just really come and go.

First things first, Ana Flor is the girlfriend of one of my best buds Rigo. I have the honor of having the cum laude of the group as my roommate right now, until the ground floor area of the house that we are renting out at the back is fixed up. Ana Flor and Rigo decided to move into Germansion not just for the camaraderie at our disposal now, but because Ana Flor will be needing a good internet connection. Thanks to my Globe Fiber 100Mbps that I have, online teaching will be a breeze for her, I hope.

Ana Flor is here on my blog - People come and people go
Ana Flor and yours truly

For strangers from the outside looking in, for my uncle who visited us yesterday for example, it seems like kind of a weird setup. I mean, she’s the girlfriend of my friend after all, and we’re cramped into one, albeit decently spacey, room.

However, if you’re part of our inner circle, you know that there’s little to be doubtful about or little where you can put malice on. Even though I used to be the guy of many women before Theya entered the scene. (The sofa set that is about to be decommissioned was host to at least 10 women in a span of 1 year until Theya/Donna)

It’s actually really nice to have an accountability buddy of sorts and having someone that I partly have to take care of since I’m the Kuya of the group after all. It’s pretty much business as usual for the both of us, wherein we try to remain productive – especially around the 8pm mark but the temptation of watching random stuff on YouTube or playing Mobile Legends often gets the better of us. But we’re kind of coping well with this in the last couple of days. I guess deadlines do work wonders (especially for her). I find it great to have another person around because I’m feeling less lonely and I get to talk to someone. It’s helping my mental state a well since there’s not a lot of room anymore for self-loathing and pessimistic thoughts.

While it was a risk, I know, it was great to have had up to 4 people in my room at once again. This hasn’t happened since way back before the pandemic shook our civilization to its core. Last Monday, aside from my roomate, I had Xheike – my IT Colleague and teammate during our successful DotA 2 tournament run – and Rigo over as well. And for the longest of time, I’ve seen Red Horse in person again. I couldn’t have any though because I’m still battling GERD/Acid Reflux. It was a nice change of pace though, to see the place being lively again. The beer was courtesy of my dearest Kuya Charles who gifted me with 3 bottles on my birthday – a delivery all the way from Digos.

Xheike is here on my blog - People come and people go
The usual gang, back together

Gabriel goes his own way

I can’t deny it that I’m still left bitter about Gabriel abruptly informing us that he will live with his girlfriend last June 12, 2020. Perhaps he has enough of being scolded not to go to his girlfriend almost every day because COVID is still right around the corner. Perhaps he thinks that he is a big shot now that he’s earning a bit on his own. While I’ve had my own kind of setbacks because of the pandemic, having lost a few work opportunities here and there, we all here in Germansion had big plans for the months ahead. Eventually, we would start selling off the gazillion things that are lying about in the various rooms and bodega here. There were even plans on starting a food business at some point once Theya is back. Of course, our plans will still pursue, his departure doesn’t put a dent on any of these. But it’s just sad because I thought, I could carry him along with those plans. I thought he’d be mature enough to know what is right and what is wrong to do at this point in his life. Perhaps he will still turn out right and succeed. I am not taking that away from him, it’s just clear, that the road he chose is going to be a tough one.

The disappointment is extremely huge, especially for my mom. She hasn’t expected Gabriel to depart at all, because during the dying days of my dad, Gabriel ensured he he won’t leave her alone here. I’m not the most physical person, to be honest. I’m not even much of a cook or home-smart. He filled the voids perfectly… and apparently, his desire is to reach for more – alone.

As my dad would say, people come and people go. I’m glad for the exchange that has happened in the last few weeks just as I am excited for what the coming weeks and months have in store for all of us, including the two new residents of Germansion.






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