paQs Gaming Diary: Progress of the last few days

One of the main reasons why I have a hard time finishing these vast open world RPG games is because I don’t want to leave any stone unturned. Everything and anything needs to be explored at some point. The last few days, instead of finishing Child of Light, a game that I’m quite certain I’ve accomplished at least half of, I decided to embark on a journey to Ancient Greece. And yes, I mean Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey with that.

To my disappointment, I am seeing little progress being made on the main story. After spending a bulk of my game time around Megaris before I picked it up again a few days ago, I have now ventured across Athens for at least 5 hours or so, running around, doing optional quests and also doing these procedural generated war contracts. The only upside on all of this is that I’ve leveled up quite fast and reached level 31 from my level 24 starting point around 48 hours ago. Total game time of mine is currently around 27 hours, by the way.

Yannah Claire is joining me running from quest to quest and famous location to famous location while I narrate to her whatever I know about Greece to the best of my abilities and stock knowledge. She found the world engaging, interesting and extremely huge.

At any rate, I do hope that within the next couple of days or that at the latest, I’ll be able to complete the main story by Sunday. But who am I kidding with it?

It’ll definitely take me longer than that. At least I’m focusing on one game though and making notable progress compared to my even more mindless running around before.

Other gaming news

I’ve significantly lessened my game time in Mobile Legends. I think this is a huge plus. Unless friends ask me to Mage or Marksman for them, I’ll pass on playing the game solo. This is in line with me believing that these ever green kind of games aren’t helping me finish games where credits need to be rolled at some point.

I’m eyeing to make some significant improvements to Isla paQs, the Island of yours truly and Yannah Claire in Animal Crossing. Perhaps I can tackle this over the weekend.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is requiring some dear love and attention. I can’t wait to start playing this game more thoroughly. I have some time scheduled and set aside for this on Friday. Unfortunately, I don’t have a capture card to stream my game play of it.

That’s all that I have tackled regarding games so far. I haven’t delved deeper into my huge shelve of backlogs yet. Ayaw ko sumakit ulo ko. But hey, one game at a time!





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