A Quarantine Birthday

Last Saturday, June 13, 2020, I celebrated my 29th year roaming on this earth. Compared to my two birthday bashes (one, two) that I’ve had last year, this year’s affair was modest at best… but it was great nonetheless as it was a birthday during the worldwide quarantine.

The Surprise This Quarantine Birthday

The quarantine birthday was spent with my new roommate in the form of Ana Flor(more on that in another post), along with our long-term helper from time to time, Ate Bebe, my mom, my daughter Yannah Claire and our american tenant Chris. Chris was actually just around to pay her rent, but we insisted for her to stay for lunch. One person that you might be surprised not to read about is Gabriel, my cousin. He decided to live on his own (or well, with his girlfriend) just a day before my birthday. He suitingly left on Philippine Independence Day. More on that perhaps in another post as well.

At any rate, I’m getting sidetracked with my blabber mouth again. Without my girlfriend around for my birthday and our anniversary earlier into the month, my whole state of being and the surrounding looked rather bleak – lest not forget that my dad isn’t around anymore as well for this birthday. Hence, I’m really thankful for the people that have been around on this day. Ana Flor went so far to even surprise me with a birthday cake even if the country was under quarantine. I did order a burger from S&R to have as my makeshift cake, but a proper cake is definitely a better go to option. Last year, my girlfriend was the one who surprised me with a cake, so it’s nice that this trend has continued. I think I’ve only not had a cake in 2018 in the last 5 years…

Food on Student Blogger's Quarantine Birthday

In an earlier post, I already tackled a few bits about my progress over the course of the last 365 days… However, there’s a bit that I wish to add to that.

My Birthday Thoughts

After some hearty conversation with one of my closest buds there are a number of things that this current COVID-19 Pandemic has taught me aside from the few lessons that I’ve posted earlier. (here and here)

A quick background first, my friend and I set out to change the world through workshops and seminars. Instilling, promoting and developing leadership qualities in the youth today. Instead of being the catalysts of change in our own respective local communities, we quickly realized that all of us are yielding to the changes brought upon us by the pandemic – dubbed the new normal. Ironic, isn’t it? But that’s not all.

The world is not out there with other people, in leadership training camps, life coaching events. Our world  revolves around those in our immediate reach the closer circle. The “world” out there doesn’t give a fuck in times of calamity, in moments of trouble. We have to find a sense of satisfaction and contentment from within our own ranks.

This pandemic exposed the strengths and the weaknesses of this globalized world that we have today. We might feel connected to the world. It may seem like everything is within our fingertips’ reach. However… What truly matters has been in front of us all along (for those who live in nearby proximity of their loved ones). What truly matters ain’t the likes and followship we have. It ain’t the numbers our Social Media accounts make. It’s our health and the health of those that truly matter to us.

I hope in the year ahead, I can continue to be productive and earn my keep. I still struggle by a lot to make ends meet, but I’ll get there eventually. 🙂





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