paQs Gaming Diary: First Dungeon in TLoZ:LA, AC: Oddyssey and Hospital trip

Hey there! And yes, I’ve got some gaming updates. Whilst my intent to proper livestream my gaming sessions are a bit out of question, since I cannot stream to Facebook without a capture card, it’s not holding me back in getting some progress and hours down!

In The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on my Nintendo Switch, I was able to finish the first dungeon and collect the first instrument. I think there are 7 more to go. But damn, I died once already… So, I guess it’s a no go for that unique ending.

Nintendo Switch

Playing Link’s Awakening brought back some cherished childhood memories, especially the time when I was actually absolutely stuck near the beginning of the game when I had to use some powder on the dude. I just couldn’t figure out how or what to do. It took me literally a few weeks of not playing the game and getting back to it with a fresh perspective. It was one of the great aha moments in gaming for me.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I was able to finally make my first major sell off of turnips. I have around 500,000 sitting in the bank now, waiting for the next round of turnip buying spree later on into the day Turnips can be bought every Sunday and must be sold by Saturday of the following week, else they go foul. Turnip prices vary day by day at Nook’s Cranny, so it’s always a bit of a gamble to await Saturday and earn less than you have originally paid for. In my case, I sold my turnips at 128. I’ve bought them at 90. Saturday’s prices were crazy at 198, but I didn’t want to risk waiting for Saturday and just see the prices fall. I sold them on Friday.

Mobile Games

I haven’t played much in terms of Mobile Legends. I played a bit on some borrowed accounts, but aside from that, I haven’t ranked up yet. My cousin Gabriel is about to hit mythic soon for the first time!

Sony Playstation 4

I really miss to play some FIFA. But there’s just way too much friction to remove my Odyssey disc, store it properly, open up FIFA, and insert that one. lol One of the reasons why I’d really love to go digital on my favorite games or games that I have no real intent of selling.

At any rate, in terms of progress, I decided to cancel my run in Persona 5 and perhaps revisit it near the end of the year when the price drops for Persona 5 Royal. I don’t want to redo virtually the same game over again. There goes my $15 spent for Persona 5!

I’ve burned about another 5-7 hours into Assassin’s Creed and my progress on the main story is minimal. I think, if I remember correctly, I’m at 37% right now. I’m still just running about and running around, side quests and contracts for money and for leveling up. The world is just fascinating. While I may not fully understand why the original Assassin’s Creed fanbase is upset about the game (this is my first proper AC game), for me, it’s just a joy to play. After spending a few days in Megaris, Athens, Korinthia, I’ve found my way to Argos and Sparta – doing a my contracts. I’ll perhaps do some more proper main storyline questing on Monday.

Personal Update:

I wasn’t able to play a lot because my health condition has become worse once more. I’ve finally paid Davao Doctor’s a visit to get my health checked with some laboratory tests. They’re looking into some possible thyroid dysfunction based on the tests they have asked me to take. There goes 5,505 Pesos of mine!

What’s up next week?

Here’s what I plan to do or play next:

  • Get Assassin’s Creed to 60% story
  • Level up to 50 at least
  • Finish off at least 3 more Cultists
  • Start beautifying paQs Island in Animal Crossing, Tulip selling
  • Finish Child of Light on the Nintendo Switch
  • Play around 5 FIFA Games
  • Rank up a little in Mobile Legends

Let’s see if I can finish off my tasks set for the upcoming week! 🙂


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