The Germansion Transformation

After having spent almost two months with a roommate in the form of Ana Flor (along with the occasional cameo appearance of her boyfriend and my barkada Rigo), we’ve bid farewell to the previous setup of ours. Ana Flor and Rigo have now moved to the ground floor of our second building at the back.

And yours truly is being graced by the presence of my girlfriend again, since her return from Mati.

With her arrival, some changes have taken place. Most of them for the good, of course. This includes but is not limited to a brand new setup at home.

Since she will be looking for a job again soon and since she’ll be having online classes, just like Yannah, I decided that we add a desktop to our computing lineup at home. My Vivobook is still with DFE and awaiting spare parts for reparation.

I settled on a Ryzen 3 Desktop and for the first time in over a year, the room is vacated of other people aside from me and her. Actually, this is the first time since ever that we are living here alone. Before Ana Flor, we used to have my cousin as a roommate here, but I guess you guys all know what happened with that already.

At any rate, here’s how the setup looks right now:

The new kid on the block, the Ryzen 3 Desktop

In the corner, we have our brand new Ryzen 3 desktop setup that I was able to source thanks to a small loan I took from my friend Orry.

My one and only Acer Nitro 5

My trusty and sturdy Nitro 5 Laptop has found his home on my “computer island” that I frequently move between the bed side and the work office side. My daughter broke the monitor on the laptop, so it exclusively only functions with an external monitor. Other new stuff I acquired to make this setup work is a Dareu EK880 TKL Mechanical Keyboard, a Dareu 925H headphone and a 24″ Nvision monitor.

Since my HiSense TV is now situated in the living room of the main house for the benefit of my mom, I moved this sturdy little BlueWall LED monitor as my “multimedia” hub replacement screen. Flanking it on either side is a Nintendo Switch and a Playstation Console, while under it, I have placed my little Mi Box for our binge watching pleasure. Also situated on either side of the table top are the 5 speakers of my 5.1 Speaker system. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without some Pokemon plushies in the corner.

This area can also be used to quickly setup a third desktop on-demand, since both my Galaxy Note 9 and P30 Pro are both capable of quickly transforming into a Desktop computer. This is great because this will allow all three of us here, yours truly, Donna/Theya and Yannah Claire to work and operate machinery at the same time. It’s crucial, too, because one of the things that I am working on is within a timeframe of 8AM to 4PM, which overlaps with both their online class schedules. With the P30 Pro or Galaxy Note 9 (I personally prefer the P30 Pro for being slightly more powerful and lag-free, but the Galaxy Note 9 lets me use my USB headphone), either of them can quickly pop into class and interact with other students or the instructors just like they would on any other desktop. Sure, their camera might be off or we have to place the phones in portrait mode somewhere, if they need a camera, but turning either phone into a desktop is quite a pleasing experience. Surprisingly, they are rather fast and snappy and don’t lag too badly. This could easily replace any kind of Intel Celeron or low budget 20k laptop that other people have – except if you’re doing photoshop or require a tool that’s only available on Windows.

Once the Asus Vivobook returns from its in-warranty repair, we’ll be having 3 computer setups ready to go here.

In other news, the internet at the Germansion has also received an upgrade once again. Having started with 20Mbps all the way back March of 2018, we are now up to 200Mbps here at Germansion. A tenfold upgrade from the starting speed we had two years ago. This should be more than sufficient to cater to my needs, my online students here at home and of course other people within the compound that rely heavily on the strong connection that Globe at Home Fiber is providing us.

Thankfully, I haven’t had too much trouble with them over the two years that I have subscribed to their services.

I’m also set to receive two TP Link mesh devices from Globe which I will install inside the main house in order to extend my wifi reach there, too.

Our work (or gaming) setup

Germansion is slowly taking shape into the kind of place I’ve always wanted it to be. Sure, it’s the drinking up of me and my friends. But now, it can also be home to many of my friends and colleagues that require a strong internet connection for work.

With that said, cheers, until my next post. 🙂

PS: This post was written and published on the Huawei EMUI Desktop






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  1. Faust Avatar

    ohh fuck me!! the connection is awesome! in some other ways! but unfortunately I live near our school, I guess they are or not allowed to spend that much!

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