State of Germansion 2021

We write the 7th of September, 2021. A year and then some has passed since the last time I have published an article about the State of the Germansion.

Since my previous writing, a few things have changed – actually a lot has changed over time – but more or less things have settled somewhat. While I did move my workstation to the ground floor at some point earlier this year, I am back stationed in my balcony room office. One thing that is certainly new since the last time that I have spoken about the work from home setups I have is that our internet is now not 200Mbps strong but 500Mbps strong. Also, there are a few new gadgets on the block, while a number of items have departed, as well.

First up, here’s a look at my own workstation and play area. It consists of both my new M1 Macbook Pro, my strong and trusty Acer Nitro 5 laptop serving as the Windows machine, a PS4 behind one of the two monitors and my Nintendo Switch neatly positioned below one. I’ve got 2 new mice from Tecware, one for my Mac setup, in white, which also sports a Tecware B68 wireless keyboard and a black one for my ROG Strix TKL keyboard that I am using with my Windows setup. Both keyboard sport different switches with the former sporting Gateron Yellows while the latter are utilizing Cherry MX Blues. A huge step up from the measly Dareu TKL keyboard I was using this time last year! — and that one was actually amazing too. I did have another mech keyboard, from Red Dragon, which I have sold to an acquaintance of mine late last year.

While for work, I am still making use of my very reliable Dareu headphones, I am now using a pair of Sony M4s for music and leisure. The use of these have been somewhat limited though because of my Tinnitus.

My main phone at this point has also changed. Trice actually. Prior to my use of an iPhone SE 2020 in March of this year, I was still sporting my Huawei P30 Pro. In May, I made the switch to an iPhone 12 Pro Max which stayed with me until August when I decided to give Samsung a try again in the form of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It’s not really a choice that I regret, I have to say… but I do miss the simplicity of the iPhone. I guess I’m too old for all the hype and customization that Android offers. lol

I thought about purchasing a new Windows computer but I decided against it as all 3 Windows workstations are still going strong. My daughter, Yannah Claire is using the Ryzen 3 Desktop downstairs for her classes, while my girlfriend is continuing work and school on the ASUS Vivobook of 2019.

Her setup looks also really nice. She’s using a Logitec mouse along with her pink Dareu keyboard and a pink covered iPad Air 4. We used to have two iPad Air 4s in March, but I have sold my iPad air, first for an upgrade to a bigger capacity one, and then swapped it once more for an iPhone 12 in Purple which Theya is using. And oh, the iPhone SE 2020 is now with my sister Vanessa, who has been living with us since March of this year. She previously used my Galaxy Note 9 when she arrived, but on her birthday, I decided to sell the Galaxy Note 9 and give her the iPhone instead, because she really wanted to try an iPhone.

Also new since my last update, is the line up of people that live here. Yes, there’s my cousin and his family living with us downstairs, aside from my sister that has arrived here last March… but there are a number of departures to report as well. I suppose my most recent piece did not age well.

The once loving and caring bond of camaraderie and friendship that we used to have here has broken, because of some things that happened along the way. Now, it’s just my cousin’s family and my own – along with my girlfriend. My former friends are moving out, which means that I might be posting yet another workspace update soon because we’ll be settling downstairs instead.

So yeah, that’s it in terms of updates on how things are looking like here at the Germansion. The crew has downsized by a lot… which also means that it’s a more intimate group now and that I can allocate proper focus in areas and on people that I need to focus on.






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