I’ve got a job and games are in the back of my mind

I finally have a proper job again. A job that can hopefully help me pay off my Quarantine bills that are amounting to almost 30,000 Philippine Pesos (hello there, Globe Fiber at Home 100Mbps, Globe Platinum Postpaid, and Smart Regular Postpaid) I’m very happy and content with it. I hope that I can not only remain efficient with my work but also increase the hours that I work on it. I haven’t actually gamed a lot this week, I have spent most time in my bed resting and reading a book. (Percy Jackson series yet again! Currently on book 3 – Titans Curse)

This has led to a rather conflicting feeling within me. Suddenly having a job shaved off some time from my game time allocation – on top of me just being sick. But, I hope that I can manage better next week both with hours work and hours that I can waste on other things such as finishing a whole array of games that I have almost finished but just haven’t yet.

Before the month ends, I have this ambitious undertaking of finishing at least one game. Perhaps I can sprinkle enough hours over the week to have the credits roll in A Child of Light. Then, for June, I hope I can see through a few other games as well.

June Schedule:

  • Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey
  • 2nd Pokemon SW/SH Playthrough (plus DLC)
  • Mario Rabbids
  • Steamworld Dig 2

Well, at least work is working (pun intended) out for me now. I hope I can keep it that way and add even further productivity this week. Games will move into the background for now, but it doesn’t mean they are not bothering me from time to time. There’s always that itch to play something even in the middle of work and this is where it’s utmost important for me to be diligent and disciplined. Especially in the second week as I intend to ramp up the hours worked, subject of course to my health.

Let’s see what this last week of May offers 🙂






2 responses to “I’ve got a job and games are in the back of my mind”

  1. Faust Avatar

    Hi Kevs.. whats your job. another chapter of adulting days

  2. […] disappeared (again) and then some. Currently, I’m employed as I have pointed out earlier. I do hope that this job sticks this time around. I’m a little bit worried about it still, as I have yet to receive my first payment about […]

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