Lessons of Covid-19 [Lesson 2]

Understanding and Communication is hampered by Selective Listening, (Personal) Political Beliefs and Poor Education

The last few days have been horrendous on Social Media. Instead of hoping for that silver lining of everyone uniting in the fight against the virus, there’s been a huge divide among the people on Facebook and Twitter.

People opposing the Government flocked the two Social Media Networks in masses calling for the ouster of our dear Philippine President. Sure, they are clearly a minority but in this modern day and age, for outsiders at least, it might seem like it was a true call for a change by the Filipino folk. They couldn’t be more wrong about it.

People are hating on President Duterte on the context that he allegedly said that he will slaughter everyone who stands in the way of the ECQ (Enhanced Communicy Quarantine) or the various lock downs set in place nationally. This was absolutely not what he meant. That particular portion, that our beloved media outlets like ABS-CBN and Rappler used to fuel the fire was absurdly and devilishly twisted to make him look bad – worse than they have ever portrait him yet. The message was clearly intended for the Left, the Rebels, the Extremist.

Ordinary Citizen shouldn’t worry about it or feel threatened because there was no threat. But hey, once your mind is set on a certain believe or impression on a topic, it sticks – most of the time for good.

People do not want to accept reason anymore. People are too narrow minded and occupied with their own beliefs – or probably paid well.

If you go over President Duterte’s speech, you can clearly see for whom it was intended. Albeit President Duterte’s deliveries are severely lacking for the elitist, the message was loud and clear for the common folk not the woke and wanna-be intellectuals of the Twitterverse or Facebook.

It saddens me that generation after generation, general understanding and comprehension of a subject is declining severely. It’s reached a point that it’s not just detrimental to the person lacking these skills – but the country at large.

Social Media is absolutely toxic and people would slaughter each other for their beliefs and opinions to be validated and it’s absolutely bewildering how we have all the time in the world fighting each other – instead of our common enemy, the virus.

Pilipino talaga papatay sa kapwa Pilipino, and no, it’s not going to be the President.

Once we have the virus in the bag, we need to seriously rethink and overhaul our education system and our very own crab mentality culture. We can’t just go out there lash out at people because a. we do not want to accept factual information b. because our own belief should be all that is valid. – This goes out to both sides! Alright? I understand that there are so many supporters of the Government that hit below the belt. For one, it’s clear that they are absolutely tired of the mindless lashing out from others… but still, this is not right either.

Oh Philippines, how far have you fallen. No, not because of the President

but because of all of us ordinary citizens.






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