State of Gaming – July 2020

We write the 17th of July, 2020. Another month has passed by oh so fast and yes… The world is still reeling from the pandemic. Whilst Italy, France and some former COVID-19 Hotspots have managed to recover, in other places there is still total chaos. This includes but is not limited to the United States, Brazil and hey, even the Philippines is unfortunately seeing a spike of cases again too. But that’s not the point. That’s not what this article is supposed to be for.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been diving back into Mobile Legends again. No, no game has been completed as of yet though. It doesn’t mean that there wasn’t any progress in any of the games I’ve been playing.


And again, I find myself playing this game more than any other. I’m back in the carry role with my Layla Marksman. Said hero is almost back to become a SUPREME in the respective country it represents. A Supreme rank is given to players of a certain hero who are thought of being one of the best 10 players of the said hero in a country.

Not only is my Layla making its debut as a Supreme ranked hero for me, my Cyclops is returning to the front now, too. With the current meta requiring constant team fights and most fights dragging out longer than before, I’ve decided to occasionally step back into my mage role again for me to set the tempo. Hence, I’ve decided to alternate between my trusty Cyclops and the newly emerging Lunox pick. I’m really enjoying myself, playing multiple roles and not being stuck in doing all the carrying. But who am I kidding? My little one eyed hero or Lunox still do most of the heavy lifting!

Goal for Mobile Legends in the next couple of weeks:

  • Return to Mythic around mid-August
  • Supreme Rank for Cyclops
  • Supreme Rank for Layla
  • Perhaps expand my hero pool even further?
    • I do play an occasional Gusion, but I just carry a game differently on a Lunox as of the last couple of games we’ve all played together.


In June, just a few days after my birthday, the first of a two-part DLC package got released for Pokemon Sword and Shield, a game that I play on my trust over 2-year old Nintendo Switch. Sure enough, it took me no time to mow through the story side  of things of the said Isle of Armor DLC pack. It was a neat little story but didn’t leave as much of an impact as I had hoped it would.

It’s definitely something great for people who are just starting out with Pokemon on the Switch or those who have not quite finished the game yet. Everything on the Island was underleveled and underpowered compared to my Pokemon. It also didn’t made quite sense that I’d lug around lower leveled Pokemon that time. But certainly, The Isle of Armor was a neat addition that also expanded the Pokedex once more, bringing along a number

My Pokedex, finally complete – up to Generation 7, that is.

At last, for the first time since the Silver/Gold/Crystal days, I have once again completed my  Pokedex. I haven’t felt the need nor the urge to complete the Pokedex in the recent generations that I have played the game again, but I’m glad that I have now completed the Pokedex. Not only have I completed the Pokedex, I have a Living Dex as well! A dream come true for the littke kid in me, indeed. What I am now looking forward to do is to create a competitive team that I could use to play Pokemon in a more serious, more competitive context. As of press time, I am still shying away from doing anything competitively outside of my game’s Battle Tower. Perhaps I get the right push from somewhere, soon.

Ni No Kuni – Remastered on the Switch

Aside from booting the game up rather frequently on the first couple of days that I have purchased it, I haven’t touched the game since.  It’s not even that the game is bad or anything, I guess it’s just that I haven’t been able to properly allocate time to play it right. Perhaps if my girlfriend is back from Mati, we can play the game together. I think that the feels of this game just have to be shared with someone.

What else is going on, on the Switch?

Aside from the aforementioned games, not much else has been going on on the Swtich. It’s mostly been some trading and breeding that has kept me occupied in Pokemon, as well as walking around a little in Ni No Kuni. I think I need to slim down the content on my Switch and only leave games on it that are truly interesting for me to play. I’m even having the crazy idea of buying a Switch lite, so that Yannah will have her own console and we don’t have to share anymore. Our times aren’t really conflicting, but it’s just that there’s so much childish stuff on it right now. Hmmm. This reminds me to check out my Animal Crossing island soon! I wonder what’s been happening in that world. Hopefully, as I find mysefl working out a proper work schedule and a proper routine soon, I’ll be able to get back into that game and the other games, too.

Goals for my Nintendo Switch games:

  • Finish Child of Light
  • Complete a competitive Pokemon lineup
  • Finish Ni No Kuni
  • Finish Mario Rabbids
  • Clean up the contents of the Switch

Hello there, Playstation 4

On the Playstation, I have yet to finish Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and fuck yeah, it’s way overdue already. I can see me finishing the game around late August. Perhaps even a bit sooner. But games have to be worked on soon! I’m also hoping that I can finally get my hands on Kingdom Hearts 3 and perhaps finish that game, too. That, along with Far Cry 5.

Goals for my Playstation 4:

  • Finally finish Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey
  • Finish Far Cry 5
  • Finish Kingdom Hearts 3

Generally speaking though, I think what’s truly holdng me back from finishing any games is the fact that I don’t want these games to end – I don’t want some of them to end before I’ve even started enjoying them! But hey, there’s so much bugging my mind from time to time, I have to strike things off that list. A lot of the titles I own are great games, and perhaps with the return of the said girlfriend of mine, I’ll be able to share the journey with her as well.

I think I have found some kind of a productive stride already. There hasn’t been much room for me to play lately, save for the occasional Mobile Legend spurts that take place in the morning or mostly late in the evening. I think that this is a good thing. Now, I just have to translate that energy, that intent of finishing games or going for just one more round in many of these games into energy that I can use for my work.

The way I see it, I have become a more mature, well-rounded gamer. I don’t pour endless hours into any certain game only for that deed to take a toll on either my social life or my work life. However, I still have to strike a fine balance between working and having fun. I am itching to have fun, but I haven’t absolutely found my stride working either. It’s just a matter of time, and a matter of perspective.

Games are there to be enjoyed and for me to unwind. As I become more indulged into my work, I can see me also enjoying the games a bit more.


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