Top 5 Gamer Moments (I can recall on the top of my head) – with honorables

I consider myself to be an above average type of gamer. In some games I excel more than in others, one could say.

Basically, I’ve been a gamer all my life and it has started early on in gray-scale on a game boy, even.

The Starters of the First Generation Pokemon Games
The Starters of the First Generation Pokemon Games (C)

Now, before I get ahead of myself here are the Top 5Gamer Moments of mine.

  • Picking Bulbasaur as my starter Pokemon in Pokemon Red (1998)
    • There’s no way around it. Bulbasaur was my first and is one of my all time favorites. Sure, you can add Umbreon and Pachirisu to that list now, but it all started with Bulbasaur. Others picked the mighty dragon like Charizard or the cool member of the Squirtle squad. I stood by my decision, Bulbasaur.
  • Winning a DotA 2 tournament on the back of Nature’s Prophet picks (and bans)
    • I am a self proclaimed Nature’s Prophet expert, and it showed during the inaugural Dota 2 tournament at PWC. Dominating performances in the run to the finals had the opponent first phase, first ban Nature’s Prophet all the time. Of course, while I admit that I am not too well versed in Dota, I understood the game well enough to have my own share to our championship – even without using Furion.
  • Owning my very first and very own console in the form of the Nintendo Switch (2018)
    • It’s safe to say that I’m leaning heavily towards Nintendo. This bias no less than stems from my childhood days where I have been surrounded by people playing Pokemon or games on the Game Cube or Nintendo 64. I was absolutely overjoyed by my first Home Console. Finally, for the first time ever, I was player one (with my daughter being player two). She has it good though, because whenever she plays with her friends, she’s automatically player one now as well.
  • My Return to Pokemon in Pokemon Y and Omega Ruby (2014)
    • On the back of my biggest Web Development and Management contract of the time, I returned to the Pokemon World after being away for over 12 years. Sure, I played Pokemon Ruby/Saphire up to Black2/White2 via emulators – but this was the real deal at last. I remember fondly my starter Pokemon at this time, Fennekin. I also have vague memories of having a girlfriend who broke up with me around this period as well, but who cares. I had Fennekin and the crew!
  • My First Time To Roll Credits on a Console Game: Horizon: Zero Dawn
    • while I did get a Nintendo Switch in 2018 along with Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Smash Bros. and  Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to boot, it wasn’t until I got hold of my first ever Playstation late in 2019 that I was able to finish a console-grade game. I could not have picked a better first in Horizon: Zero Dawn.
    • I thought I wasn’t a true gamer anymore (more on that here) but it just turned out that I have been playing the wrong games according to my preferences. Damn. I played the hell out of Horizon and I loved everything about it. I admit, I did start out on Normal because I wasn’t sure if I was up for it… but I remember there was a time I was stuck on a monster and had to retry a few times… Instead of throttling down the difficulty, I kicked the hell out of it on Hard.

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Protagonist, Aloy (C)

Honorable Mentions

  • Rampaging Nature’s Prophet Games
    • it was a chilly December night when I was hanging out with my friends Orhan, Rigo, Chiong and Ryan to play some DotA 2. 5 man gaming! At the onset of the fight, the opposing team was talking all shit about us and it really hyped me up. Damn, if they haven’t thought of me as a high-tier level Nature’s Prophet player before this game, I’m sure this game nailed it. I was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Killing enemies left and right. It felt surreal, like I was part of a championship winning team. The celebration after the game was epic like we’ve won a major trophy. Fuck you guys.
    • if I remember correctly my cousin and Rigo made it abundantly clear to my girlfriend that I am a Nature’s Prophet God. Of course, she hesitated a bit. I mean have you seen how shitty regular Nature’s Prophet players are in the pubs? One day when she came home from work, I was just casually dominating and killing everyone that was on my radar. TP + BThorn + Nullifer = nope, you’re not getting out alive. (this was some patches ago, cut me some slack)
  • My Tournament Placing Teams of 2014/2015
    • Pachirisu, Staraptor, (M) Medicham. Just 3 of my stellar mix of Pokemon that I used during Pokemon X/Y and Pokemon OR/AS tournaments. While I have failed to win the championship on both tournaments I joined, I am happy to say that I’ve reached the final on both occasions. For someone that just returned to Pokemon, I think I didn’t do that bad. (and my competitor in the finals said he prepared a team just for me because he knew I’d make it to the finals, damn)

Of course, not everything that I recall about my gaming life are good memories. Some are funny, some are rather disappointing. Here aretwo more:

A Bad DotA2 Call To Remember
I don’t usually make bad calls. My calls are mostly calculated and well thought of. But one time, it has cost us everything.

There I was, chilling on my Naga Siren as I called my friends (Rigo and Orhan included) to arms to fend off the enemy. I stormed ahead with Song of the Siren to set up a good clash – instead we got setup. A Dark Seer vacuum into a Sven Stun… Enough said.

Coins Flying Everywhere
Just another Mario Kart gaming session with friends of the local Nintendo (3DS) Gaming community, I thought. But man, it was one of my fondest memories of the group – ever. Mario Circuit, we turn around the first corner of the 3rd lap.. And then a Blue Shell came along and hit the leader – with almost everyone of us within proximity of the blast. It was coins galore.

Do you have any gaming memories with me? Or do you mind sharing some of your own gaming memories? Write about them below.





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