2 years of Tinnitus and exiting the Calendar – June 2023

It has taken me ages to finally get around writing something down. At the moment of writing, it’s already August 2. I did have a number of drafts, but none of them have seen daylight just yet for one reason or another. I even have a number of drafts that were written in German. Instead of writing one gigantic post all at once about everything that has been going on with me since my last entry, or better yet, since my move to Cebu… I’ll try to splice things up a little bit into a number of segments.

How is Cebu so far?

On June 1, I unfortunately celebrated the 2nd year of my tinnitus. This is apparently the only. left over that I have from my past relationship. Cats not withstanding. In June I have made some important acquaintances both in and out of work. It also marked a month of my friend, Cyriel, staying in Cebu as well. Early into the month, I made a possible life changing acquaintance. But as my closest friends would put it, it’s still a little bit on a soft launch if you wish. I want to make sure that whoever I come across this time around, will hopefully end up being the one. Are there still some ties holding me back to Davao? Maybe. I don’t know. The longer I stay here, the less likely it seems for me that there’s anything of value for me to go back home to in Davao. Aside from my family of course.

June was also a rather trying month for me because that’s when I had a limited budget. I didn’t work at night anymore because my health couldn’t cope handling double shifts… and I just had to get by with my day job salary.

Me buying stuff for Molave.

It was on my birthday, the day I exited a 31 day calendar and turned 32, that I have started communicating and interacting with friends of old again. It was such a pleasure to have the likes of AnaFlor and Rigo around, drinking Tiger Beer and Velocity. It was a modest celebration with a mix of old and new friends and I’m really happy at the outcome of it.

Also on my birthday, my dearest Doctor Tommy Cat was diagnosed with FIV and FelV. Out of all days, and since the time when Theya took her things from my place, we’ve met again at the Veterinarian for Tommy. More on what happened to Tommy Cat in another article of mine.

The birth month of mine also served as a reminder that, despite me loving to fly around… There comes a point where I will have flown just too much… which was exactly the case in June. I had travels back and forth between Cebu and Davao in a span of just a couple of days. Which was absolutely crazy of me. Add to that that Cebu Pacific rescheduled some of my flights which forced me to take layovers in Clark (which I absolutely hate because I don’t have lounge access there) and Manila (which is okay because I can access the PAGSS lounge for free). I flew six times in a span of around 15 days.

All in all, June was a solid month. I’m excited for what’s in store for the second half of the year. Can I get myself together and save up money? Will my processes at work finally start? Will I be able to work in a VA setting again on top of my day job? Those are things I’ll let you know in a succeeding post.






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