A return to Positive Thinking

Aside from my occasional chatter about how I believe that your date of birth can, to a certain degree, explain your kind of behavior and character, there’s something else that I consider gospel. That is, my belief of how positive thinking can affect your life and most likely improve it. Sure, naysayers or those unfamiliar with how I  view the whole LOA affair will jump in and say that blind positivity is toxic. I agree with you on that, actually. But hear me out. The way I look at thinking positive is rather dynamic and it all depends on the situation at hand.

Why I resort to Positive Thinking

In the last couple of weeks, some negative emotions and thoughts have crept into my head. A few negative ideas have seeded on my mind. You don’t need to be a genius that negative thoughts or ideas are definitely way more counterproductive than believing something good will come your way.

At any rate, I feel like the last couple of weeks have passed in a blur. I feel a bit stagnant with where I am right now and I kind of don’t have my next couple of months planned. Hence, before I get down with the nitty gritty of planning what is to take place for the remainder of the year, I want to ensure that I head into the final stretch of 2020 with a sound and positive mind. Thinking positive has always been helpful for me. Even in the worst situations, drawing the best thing out of it can alleviate the pain or the struggle one is feeling.

Positive Thinking alone won’t save the day

And this is why I say my way point of view on positivity differs from that which others might consider toxic positivity. Thinking alone that you can attain something or that things will turn out better in your life are not enough for me. All the talk of thinking positively of being productive or a better person need to be backed up by sincere and passionate actions on the part of the believer. (One of the reasons why I am writing about this topic here!)

Life would be too easy or even boring if you could just conjure anything and everything by staying positive. No. That’s not the complete receipt in order to receive what you are asking for. Aside from passionately desiring something to manifest in your life, aside from having a positive disposition, you’ll also want to work towards achieving these objects or milestones in your life. Think of it as you and your goals meeting halfway. Make it easier for all these things to manifest into your life.

If you are in a shitty relationship and desire a better one, make sure that you get out of the shitty relationship first, for example.

– yours truly

I could go on about other reasons why thinking positive can backfire, but that’s not the point here. For me, thinking positively about life, about everyday that you’re about to start is an integral part of how you will fare in life and how the day goes. Sure, there’s plenty that can come your way which you have little to no control of, but that should not dissuade you from seeing too lighter side, the positive side in things happening. Just because you see something good, in say for example the pandemic right now, doesn’t mean that you are OK with the pandemic.

Claim it, feel it and act on it

The law of attraction works in ways that you could almost consider ridiculous. Some claim that it’s as simple as claiming something to happen in your life and then it just manifests. But for me, you have to claim it. You need to feel it, really… and then you need to act on it. Seed the positive vibes in your life, so that your harvest turns out full of positivity as well. You can’t go wrong thinking good and doing good.

Life is too short to worry too much about what’s going on. There’s enough bullshit happening in the world right now and I think there’s just no more space for extra negative vibes coming from each and everyone of us.

With that said, after reflecting for a moment about where I am in life right now and how things are going, I realized that I am blessed in abundance by supportive people and that actually a lot of things have gone my way recently. At the end of the day, what we all truly need is a quick breather. A day off to reflect on things, to come to terms with the different situations that we are in and to slowly lay down a plan for the weeks and months ahead.

Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon – in order to succeed in your life journey, make sure that you plan ahead.






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